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 I’m a Town of Stanford Resident

I’m a long time Stanford resident and tired of the lies, innuendos,  smear & spin campaign that Mel Eiger, Virginia Stern and company mail out. Recently depicting our elected officials in an outhouse really goes beyond decency or “politics”. I have been waiting for Town Supervisor Virginia Stern to denounce and condemn this garbage until I found out she is part of it!...... Shame on you Virginia Stern!!

Being relatively uninvolved with our towns politics, I decided to start asking questions of people (other than our town politicians) who may know about town information and town politics, This is what I found out:

Mel Eiger works for Virginia Stern, administers her website, works on her campaign, prints and mails her material and videotapes board workshops and ethics committee meetings for her!

A secret audiotape by Supervisor Stern supporters (Mel Eiger and friends.) made public unwittingly by Mel Eiger clearly shows their intention to continue the lies about our elected officials and their disgusting and misleading flyers right through to the 2013 town elections!! They do this hoping to influence those residents who are simply unaware of what is really happening (like I was).............. Shame on using such tactics!!............

Mel and Virginia, you twist the truth and slander those who have actually stood up and protected our constitutional rights. Why do you want to regulate every little single issue that comes up between neighbors, (noise, light, shed, debris laws and a dog park?). Every person I talk to (and there are many) are grateful and thank Councilmen D’Agostino, Dewhirst and Norton for protecting our constitutional rights, sparing us from big government and overregulation, preserving the nature of our town as we have enjoyed it for decades and keeping our taxes low.

I’m a Stanford resident and tired of the lies!

………..Shame on you!!!............

Virginia Stern, Mel Eiger and Company plan to allege violations by Stanford Zoning Board members, the town engineer, town board members, town employees and even our town attorney! You have to see it to believe it (! Again, I have been waiting for Supervisor Stern to denounce and condemn this unethical behavior but found out she is a part of this too and even condones it!  Shame on you Virginia Stern!!

Worse, Virginia Stern hired a lawyer and threatened the town board and town ethics committee.....unbelievable! September 13 town board videotape

I personally want to thank the Councilmen for not engaging or responding to Mel Eiger and Supervisor Stern’s politics of personal destruction and their hateful mailings. Instead, The Councilmen are doing the business of Stanford… they were elected to do!

Thank you Councilmen for honorably staying the course for all of us!

A Very Concerned, Longtime Resident of the Town of Stanford

Lea Bonte

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