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Town supervisor needs to value her employees

I was highly disappointed to read Stanford Democratic Chairman Reverend Michael Shafer’s letter to the editor (“Pitts’s commentary applies locally, too,” July 26) blaming our town employees for not working with Supervisor Virginia Stern, suggesting under certain circumstances “heads would roll in our town offices.” Maybe our town employees are not happy with the fact that Supervisor Stern went on vacation without signing the employees’ paychecks as reported in the Poughkeepsie Journal article (“Town of Stanford workers not paid,” March 15). No organization can function without recognizing its employees are its biggest and best asset.

Stanford is no different and it’s too bad Supervisor Stern and her supporters don’t recognize this. But it’s not just our town employees that Supervisor Stern and her supporters are vilifying. A secret audiotape made by Supervisor Stern’s supporters and now made public at uncovers a plot by them to demean the good name of many volunteers and residents who work “in our town offices.”

The audio indicates their plan is to allege violations of conduct and disparage members of our Stanford Zoning Board of Appeals, the town engineer, members of the town board, town employees and even our town attorney!

“Stanfordgate” is alive and well. As was said about Richard Nixon, anyone who has to make an enemies list has too many enemies!

Tom Dewhirst                                                                                                                                                                                        
Councilman                                                                                                                                                                                                       Town of Stanford

Ruffled Feathers at Town of Stanford Monthly Board Meeting

Attending the February 9, 2012 Town of Stanford Monthly Board Meeting was the equivalent to audience seats at “The Jerry Springer Show” …The chairman of our town ethics committee was threatened and nearly assaulted by Supervisor Stern’s husband for being asked to investigate charges of ethics violations of Supervisor Stern. People were shouting from the floor throughout the meeting and a  resident was threatened by Mr. Stern with losing his job when he spoke from the floor about recorded facts from a prior meeting.  Due to the aggressive reactions of some of the residents-and the need for open and transparent government, I was comforted by the knowledge that our meetings are recorded- “Gavel to Gavel” or so I thought. Looking to view the meeting –I learned that that portion of the videotape is either missing, edited or has been deleted altogether. The issue is simple. The videotape is the property of Stanford and a public record of the proceedings of an official town meeting.  It would seem to me that tampering with public records is a very serious offense.  Whether the videographer stopped recording on his own or edited the recording at the request of someone else-to deny the people of Stanford a full and complete record of town board proceedings (paid for by the Town) is unconscionable. I call on the Town ethics committee or perhaps the NYS Attorney General to investigate who is responsible for altering the public record.

Erin Dewhirst, Town of Stanford-Clinton Corners

A video of the meetings referred below can be viewed on the Town of Stanford website Just click on the topic that interests you and the specific board meeting date will be noted in the news letter. 

Hudson Vally News... February, 2012
It is sad that Stanford Town Supervisor Virginia  Stern resorts to name calling when she is disagreed with by anyone on the Stanford Town Board. Supervisor Stern uses words like "partisan ", "mean spirited", "aggressive republicans". I find it hard to believe these are actually the words of a Town Supervisor, someone who is supposed to foster debate and discussion not silence it. 

"Partisan ", "mean spirited", "aggressive", Did you know Supervisor Stern was involved in mass mailings to all our town residents over the last two years that have done nothing but lie, accuse and make false innuendos about our towns elected councilmen? First it was a mailing showing closed down buildings, run down factories spewing gas and smoke and indicating this is what you get if you vote republican, that was in 2010. There were further lies, innuendoes and false accusations referencing Councilmen Mark D'Agostino, Thomas Dewhirst and Joseph Norton, Oh did I mention these mailings trashing our town councilmen were sent out anonymously within one week of the November elections.... mean spirited?? partisan??, aggressive??... And wasn't it Supervisor Stern who forced her own Stanford Democratic Chairman to resign and inserted her husband as the new chairman.... mean spirited?? partisan?? aggressive?? Did you know an email (anonymous again) was sent to Councilman D'Agostino when he lost the supervisor race showing a "Simpsons" character pointing and laughing at him for losing by only 3 votes, did you know Stern threatened a lawsuit against a Stanford Town Councilman and wrote a letter threatening to censure another?... mean spirited?? partisan??, aggressive??  
When the town of Stanford had almost 3 million dollars of previously taxed money in a savings account, Supervisor Stern wanted to raise taxes even more. It was the republican majority that vetoed Supervisor Sterns tax increase and proposed and passed a 0% budget increase in 2011. Is this the  "partisan squabbling" she refers to when the republican majority talks about lowering taxes while she proposes tax increases?? It was Supervisor Stern who decided to vote for a 10.34% tax increase for 2012 most likely to pay for the increased costs of the town garage even though she said the garage would result in savings to the town, If a savings why a tax increase? and why 10.34%? or is this the "aggressive republican majority" that countered her tax increases with tax decreases?
The truth is our Town of Stanford has never been so divided since Virginia Stern has been involved...."mean spirited", "partisan", "aggressive"....Supervisor Stern need only look in the mirror. Her actions speak much louder than her soft words.

Judy Marro
Town of Stanford

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