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Committed to our town's future, while preserving its past.

Your Stanford Town Councilmen, Mark D’Agostino, Tom Dewhirst and Joseph Norton thank you for your support and input. 

All minute’s and video’s referred below can be viewed on the Towns website (Or you may click here for board meeting videos.) We encourage you to check out the facts!


THANK YOU FOR VOTING and your support over the years......With gratitude and high appreciation.....

Mark D'Agostino
Tom Dewhirst
Joseph Norton 


Your Councilmen will stay above the fray, not engage in name calling, personal attacks, calling out or alienating any member of any political party, after all we are all neighbors in a small town.

Hundreds of Stanford Residents had voiced their disatisfaction with the politics of personal destruction during last years election campaign. Unfortunatly, mailings continue to be sent to Stanford residents always attacking the "Republican" members of the Town Board. Name calling, lies and as expected, a distortion of the facts. Sometimes the mailings are sent anonymously,we have all received them, no name just simply unsigned, some mailings are signed by Supervisor Stern or by Melvin Eiger close friend and member of Virginia Sterns administration and "committee", Melvin Eiger administers and maintains the Stanford Democratic Party website on behalf of Virginia Stern and Johanna Shafer. 

We will simply continue to report facts and reference board video's and meetings for you to decide on your own. After all, we heard the residents concerns with civility, decorum and the lack thereof at Town Board meetings and move to bring the board meetings back to respectability and re-unite the Town of Stanford as one town. WE LISTENED TO YOU!!


EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!! (Actual newspaper articles-unedited)


>> Continued from above

D'Agostino said he has asked the Stanford Ethics Board and the district attorney to look into the matter, saying Stern had the hard drive removed after learning of the investigation requests."We found out yesterday you had your hard drive removed even though you knew it might be needed for any investigation." said D'Agostino.An indignant Stern fired back, "I did not ask that the hard drive be removed. My computer simply crashed and I talked to our tech guy."Councilwoman Joanne Shaffer attempted to defend Stern, her Democratic colleague, asking, "Did you talk to the tech person?"That prompted Councilmen Joe Norton and D'Agostino to pounce."Yes, we did and he said he gave the hard drive to you, Virginia, and that you paid him $1,650 with a personal check. Why would you do that? The computer is town property. If a highway truck breaks down, the highway guys don't pay to get it fixed. They bill the town," said D'Agostino.You can investigate this all you want. I won't  discuss this any more," said a clearly frustrated Stern.

Her recalcitrance was short-lived, however, as Norton pressed on."Just bring the hard drive back to town hall. This whole thing can be resolved easily," said Norton.Stern responded, "I don't know where it is. Maybe it's in my office."At that point, D'Agostino suggested a brief recess to allow Stern to search her office.
An infuriated Stern responded by saying, "I refuse to be cross-examined by you. You may urge me to submit it, but if I do, you'll just find some other way to give me grief."

After a little more back and forth, an exacerbated Stern abruptly called for the next agenda item dealing with moving a thermostat in the building. We can only assume the thermostat was complaing  about the heat.Earlier in the meeting, there were a number of heated and colorful comments from residents regarding a petition relating to the use and regulation of ATVs in Stanford. Resident Joyce Burdick rose to say she and her family have been the target of lies in this dispute and said the petition should be thrown out because "people didn't know what they were signing."When Burdick suggested the offending petitioner "will burn in hell," Stern interrupted her and chastised Burdick for offensive language.

Somewhere, Richard Nixon is chortling.

Jim Lanigan, reporter Hudson Valley News
June, 2012 


April, 2012



March, 2012


February, 2012

                                     see to view the February 9, 2012 video referred to above


Did you know Virginia Stern and Johanna Shaffer voted against a 4.9% budget for 2012???
By a 3-2 vote (D'Agostino, Flynn and Dewhirst voted yes) the towns budget came in at a low 4.9% increase. Virginia Stern and Johanna Shaffer voted no to a 4.9% budget even though they new their no vote would (not could but would) result in a 10.43% tax increase.
Is this fiscal responsibility? Once again, your Town Councilmen kept your taxes low.

Was it Open and Transparent government when the above noted final budget meeting,was scheduled for 8am on Thursday morning November 17, 2011? There was no one in attendance except for Melvin Eiger, close friend and member of Virginia Sterns administration and "committee"
who videotaped the meeting (Melvin Eiger administers and maintains the Stanford Democratic Party website on behalf of Virginia Stern and Johanna Shafer).

Please send in your request or petition the town board for Virginia Stern to release the videotape of the above mentioned budget meeting  UNEDITED (unfortunately, Mr. Eiger edits the videos he puts on Virginia's website). Ask the videotape be put on the towns website UNEDITED so to provide open and transparent government of the 2012 budget meeting and vote.


                                                SALACIOUS....VILE....PERSONAL....WITHOUT REGARD FOR THE TRUTH....

 We now know that Virginia Stern and Johanna Shaffer had everything to do with the personal attacks and the baseless unsigned letters attacking the republican candidates this past election. How do we know that? Because former friends and members of Virginia Stern's administration have become so disgusted with her politics of personal destruction they have abandoned her ship and told the truth about Virginia and Johanna's involvement.

As is typical with Washington politicians who say and do anything to get elected regardless of the truth
Virginia Stern and Johanna Shaffer have both denied anything to do with the vile, personal attacks and unsigned letters. All the while pointing the finger at others as the cause, author and producer of the partisan attacks on all three of your republican candidates.  This is the politics of personal destruction that has caused such a divide in our small town, neighbor against neighbor, all to get elected....the end justifies the means.

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