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A Shocking and Undeniable conversation caught on tape between Mel Eiger, candidate for Town Council, a member of Virginia Sterns committee and administers Virginia's Democratic website. You remember Mel Eiger and his horrible mailings disparging the residents of Stanford? Who is endorsed and financially supported by Virginia Stern?

Hear Mel Eiger refer to the Stanford Bi-Partisan Ethics Committee (whose current chair is Mary Weinberger) as..."Nazi Germany"..."Like Nazi Germany!!"

Hear Mel Eiger allege a town wide conspiracy (and throw everyone under the bus)... is this anyway for someone aspiring to represent the town to behave? Does Mel Eiger have an axe to grind?

Hear who was responsible for the anonymous letters sent (twice) to all town residents only weeks before the November election (anonymously, no signature, no name) trashing and disparaging your Republican candidates for office in an effort to throw the election..... (the smear campaign continues)

Hear them ASK that our town clerk Ritamary Bell COMMIT A CRIME... to "Bug the Room" and other outrageous, vile and expletive filled rants!!

Will Supervisor Stern show leadership and publicly condemn Mel Eiger for his outrageous comments about our neighbors and friends or will it be partisanship as usual, further dividing an already divided Town of Stanford?.............. What say you Virginia??

  Below is a professional transcription of an audio tape recorded at the Ethics Committee meeting in Stanford Town Hall (thank you Mel for leaving your camera on!!). WE SUGGEST YOU PRINT AND READ THE TRANSCRIPT AS YOU LISTEN TO THE AUDIO!! Audio is at the bottom of each section! The entire video  was posted on Virginia Sterns website, was then taken off and edited. The transcript and videos/audio below are the sections that were edited out by Mel Eiger...guess he didn't want you to see the real Mel Eiger!.

Mel Eiger 
leaves the Ethics Committee room which then goes into Executive Session. The following excerpt was recorded outside the committee room by Mel Eiger

Mel Eiger: I should have left my camera in the room

Charlie Shaw:  have them remind Rita bug the room next time...... (recording private conversations without permission is a FELONY...them is presumably Virginia Stern and Johanna Schafer, Rita is town clerk Ritamary Bell)

Mel Eiger: What?

Charlie Shaw: Bug the room next time

Mel Eiger: How does anybody know that Virginia is under- what you call it- investigations by the ethics committee? They don’t tell anybody.

Charlie Shaw: Well this 9-18-88. I have a copy of that complaint because that was released publicly last year....(It was not released publicly, so where did Charlie Shaw get it?)

Mel Eiger: And who did that?

Charlie Shaw: Barry Weinberger.

Mel Eiger: Her husband.

Charlie Shaw: Her Husband

Eiger: Ah, because she wrote it first. Well, then it wasn’t kosher that she be on the ethics committee

Shaw: And so on and so forth

Shaw: So now what they’re going to discuss tonight is this…… He wrote another one 9-12 (It was not released publicly, so where did Charlie Shaw get it?)“to follow up to my original letter 9-12 her letter was somewhere in there. But this is the one. Cause I asked him already. This where she’s using public assets for private gain

Eiger: Public assets like what?

Shaw : Um, She let her son videotape, do a movie on town property.

Eiger: Oh yes, that’s right

Shaw: and then exceeding the authority of the supervisor?

Eiger:To let someone come in and videotape?

Shaw: Yes..No

Eiger: And his company threw a bunch of business…

Shaw: Immediately after taking office Supervisor Stern without Town Board knowledge unilaterally terminated and disbanded  the town committee- the code committee.

Eiger:Oh that was illegal from day one

Shaw: She illegally disbanded an illegal committee

Eiger: The illegal town code committee

Shaw: They’re going to go through all these allegations and then..

Eiger: And then go to the Town Board

Shaw: and then recommend to the town board to impeach Virginia.

Eiger: …to impeach Virginia

Shaw: and all this other stuff and it will be out in the paper. By that time we’ll have, going to have mine in and we’ll be listing everybody and their F*@!ing brother........(listen to who Shaw (last audio) is implicating, the ZBA, town engineer, town attorney, town board members, town employees...everyone under the bus!!

...Mel Eiger is running for Stanford town council in November 2013 (he has lost every position he has run for in the last 10 years) and is out to discredit, disparge and demean his opponents by making false accusations...ever see a Mel Eiger mailing?)

Eiger: Is there anything I can do?

Shaw: Well, there is, you, we have to get the  (Mel Eiger mailing)  out again.

Now we know who is responsible for the "mailings" the anonymous letters sent (twice) to all town residents only weeks before the November 2011 election (anonymously, no signature, no name) trashing and disparaging your Republican candidates for office in an effort to throw the election

Eiger: Everybody knows this thing exists. The one guy facing the wall. He looks like one of the good old boys.

Shaw: Yeah.

Eiger: Is he a good old boy?

Shaw: Huh Yeah. I don’t even know him.

Eiger: I shouldn’t really say that and the other guy...

 Shaw: Did you get me on tape?

Eiger: Huh?

Shaw: Did you get me on tape? ...(Mel certainly did get you on tape, shame on you Mel)

Eiger: Yes.

Shaw: Oh.. OK

Eiger: But the other guy…seems like, I just got a good feeling about the other guy. The one who was sitting on the far left facing the audience.

Shaw: Roseanne is okay.....(committee chairwoman Roseanne Weinstein who later resigned)

Eiger: Yea, Oh of course. She’ll keep them on the straight and narrow.

Shaw: Well, hopefully she’ll help us out.

Eiger: I mean Charlie has been an outspoken critic of Virginia. I mean How can he be, How can he be involved?

Shaw: And if they need Bill Bogle. Bill Bogle can’t even be involved in this. Bill Bogle should not be giving any advice, legal advice and if I find out that Bill Bogle is charging the town for working with Charlie Hanlon that’s going to come out.

Eiger: Right, He can hide it. He’s got so many F*@!ing (There goes Eiger again with his potty mouth!) lines that he charges with his prosecutor status and so on.

Shaw: Yeah well. I’ll foil his… lines tomorrow and Virginia’s all worried about all this stuff now. What are they gonna do? Nothing.

Eiger: Nothing.

Shaw: Absolutely nothing. Where’s your letter?

Eiger: Oh, I didn’t send it out yet. I think… (Get ready, another Mel Eiger rant in publication!)

Shaw: No I mean the one you sent.

Eiger: I never got a response. I asked him to resign, I’ll dig it out

Shaw: No, you gave me a copy of it.

Eiger: I asked him to resign and he wouldn’t  Hot stuff you got a file

Shaw: That’s your letter

Shaw: That’s David Sears letter, Virginia’s going to have to have David Sears to send out a couple ...(David Sears is the attorney representing Virginia Stern before the Stanford Ethics Committee on the numerous complaints received by the committee from everyday citizens.)   The Ethics letter is now  public, see a copy at the town clerks office!!

Eiger: Let him earn his keep  a little bit...Want to stop for a beer?

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Mel Eiger: Why, why would you be going into executive session? I thought we had open government.

Mel Eiger: This is like Nazi Germany… like Nazi  Germany.

Will Virginia condemn these outrageous comments or will she continue to support Mel Eiger by being silent? leadership not partisanship!!

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Charlie Shaw: Thank you Charlie (Hanlon), Thank you. I talked with Charlie (Hanlon), last night on the phone. I submitted two complaints, ethics complaints in Oct last in  October and one in November. And I haven’t heard anything from the board. At that point in time maybe things were a little bit different and you were going through the throes of reorganization, Joe Norton was chairman and he was elected and resigned. And there were no procedures in place. I still want to resubmit those complaints. But it’s a very complex complaint and involves at least 2 members of the board, the town attorney, the town engineer, possibly some ZBA members, and possibly an employee or two. ( The smear campaign and the politics of personal destruction continues, is this what you want from your Town Supervisor?)

Click to listen to the audio!

The divisive partisanship has to stop...we are neighbors and friends in a small town, lets get back to doing the business of Stanford!! We hope Supervisor Stern will publicly condemn the actions of these two members of her administration and show leadership not partisanship!

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