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2013 Budget Meeting

The video above was taken at a town budget meeting on November 1, you can also view the November 8 2012 town board meeting at .... At both meetings, the vote to lower taxes was the same.... with Councilmen D'Agostino, Dewhirst and Norton in favor of lowering taxes and Supervisor Stern and Councilwoman Shafer opposed.


Councilmen D'Agostino, Dewhirst and Norton vote YES to lower taxes, Supervisor Stern and Councilwoman Johanna Shaffer vote NO 

Councilman Norton-Virginia is there anything you feel needs to be put back into your Supervisors budget?

Supervisor Stern-NO, I am happy with the budget I submitted

Councilman D'Agostino-Virginia, Do you feel we need to put in funding so the roads can be cleared of snow and debris ?

Supervisor Stern-NO, I am happy with my budget

Councilman D'Agostino-Virginia, do you feel we need to put in funding to complete the master plan?

Supervisor Stern-NO

Councilman D'Agostino-Do you feel we need to put in funding to fix our Stanford parks and the playground?

Supervisor Stern-NO, I don't know how many times I have to say it, I am happy with the budget I submitted.

Councilman D'Agostino-Well I have prepared a budget that lowers taxes and uses fund balance to complete necessary items like the master plan, zoning, overtime so our roads can be cleared and funding to fix the playgrounds.

Councilman Norton-I can vote for this preliminary budget and Virginia I am disappointed on how you did your budget, before consulting anyone you sent out letters, were interviewed and said you drew a line in the sand about your budget, you said you are unwilling to change anything. You took stuff out of town hall worked on it with people outside of Stanford and did a budget that is not open and transparent budgeting. To say you are going to do things but not include it in the budget is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Motion we accept the preliminary budget that lowers taxes... Councilman D'Agostino-Yes, Councilman Dewhirst-Yes, Councilman Norton-Yes, Supervisor Stern-No, Councilwoman Shafer-No. Motion to lower taxes passes by the affirmative majority 3-2.




WE worked TOGETHER to lower your 2013 taxes, check out next years bill and compare, it will be lower than 2012.

WE worked TOGETHER with our town employees, department heads volunteers and committee’s to make sure necessary services will continue and correctly be openly funded.  WE listened!

WE were vilified through recent mailings but WE persevered! 

WE made sure funding would be available so roads would be cleared in the winter. WE made sure the Master Plan and Zoning will continue to move forward to protect the rural character of our town.

WE met the needs of the town AND CUT YOUR TAXES 2%

Supervisor Virginia Stern voted NO to cut taxes, not once but twice, (See the November 1 minutes and the board video of November 8). Supervisor Stern acted as an “I”, She didn’t consult any town employees or department heads, she didn’t consult anyone on the town board either. As a result, her budget underestimated expenses and overstated revenues-----a formula for financial disaster!

WE do the business of Stanford. When WE work together taxes go down.

Paid for by Town of Stanford Employees and friends of Councilmen D’Agostino, Dewhirst and Norton                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


 Supervisor Stern’s budget didn’t include money to plow the roads in the winter or remove debris in the summer from our 62+ miles of road. It didn’t include funding to complete the master plan/zoning or for much needed highway equipment so it would look tax neutral to you, this is not open and transparent budgeting!

WE valued the town employees and asked why some get a small raise and others did not.  A small cost of living adjustment was added to the salaries of our valued town employees.

Supervisor Stern’s budget proposal put politics and ego (“I”) ahead of the needs of the residents of Stanford. 

Before the Town Board ever saw or even discussed her budget, she sent at least two mailers throughout the town praising her work, vilifying the Town Board members and “drawing a line in the sand”, an uncompromising, stubborn and partisan approach that is not in the best interests of our residents. Remember the payroll fiasco when our town employees were not paid so she could make a point?

WE LOWERED YOUR TAXES AND MAINTAINED essential services for our families and seniors. Roads will be cleared from snow this winter and storm debris this summer. The Master Plan and Zoning will continue to move forward to protect the rural character of our town as it has been for the last 100 years.

WE LOWERED TAXES and met the needs of our residents, WE do this when WE work together!

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